LUMIN T2 Reviews

Hi-Fi Class

November 2021

Hi-Fi Class have published their LUMIN T2 review and awarded in their 'Recommended' status as well as giving it 5-stars across the board!

During the review Marek Dyba states:

Lumin was able to use the wealth of information about the acoustics of the room, show reverberation, reflections of sounds even from distant walls and thus create the impression of being in the same space with the performers.

The Lumin T2 has everything to become the digital centre of a high-end home system.

...a refined, well-organized, well-differentiated, resolving, clean, and at the same time extremely musical sound, which makes the Lumin T2 encourage you to spend long hours with music.

Hi-Fi Class LUMIN T2 review

Stereonet Australia & New Zealand

March 2020

Stereonet Australia & New Zealand have published their LUMIN T2 review.

During the extremely positive review, Mark Gusew states:

This streamer's fundamental rightness means that it doesn't favour one genre of music over another.

Indeed, it's so insightful that even when compared to a more expensive reference of mine... costing an additional $4,000 – the T2 more than held its own.

One of the best sounding streamers at its price then and is also easy to use, stable in operation and superbly built...

SoundStage! LUMIN T2 review

SoundStage! Network

October 2019

SoundStage! Network have published their review of LUMIN T2.

During the glowing review, Gordon Brockhouse states:

More than any other digital source component I’ve had in my system, the Lumin T2 got out of the way and delivered the music.

What was especially impressive was how it reconciled what might seem aural opposites: clarity and warmth, delicacy and strength, speed and color.

Given the rapid changes occurring in digital audio playback, it’s risky to characterize any digital source as a potential endgame purchase. But that’s how I feel about the Lumin T2. I think it will be a long, long time before anyone buying a T2 experiences upgrade fever.

SoundStage! Network LUMIN T2 Review

Mono & Stereo Magazine

September 2019

Best Buy Award for LUMIN T2

During the extremely positive review Matej Isak states:

T2 comes highly close to the X1 fast-paced nature, transparency and dynamic quality and that's quite an achievement for it's given price. T2 follows closely the LUMIN's sonic nucleus, translating into the unaltered and highly involving music reproduction across all of the music material. It was great to discover how albeit T2's open and transparent nature it was no stranger to the organic life-like warmness when needed.

LUMIN T2 streaming music player deserves the spotlight for what it represents. I'm happy to grant it the Mono and Stereo 2019 Best Buy Award!

Mono & Stereo Magazine LUMIN T2 Review


May 2019

Das lite-Magazin have published their review of LUMIN T2, awarding it 97 out of a possible 100.

During the review Volker Frech states:

with Lumin T2 this well-known song suddenly sounds pretty new! The drums, and especially the snare, we have never seen with such a clearly audible reverb!

Our ears can explore the geometric proportions of the recording room and its depth - and with closed eyes we have the fantastic illusion of being part of this concert in the studio.

What transparency and resolution!

Lite-Magazin LUMIN T2 Review

Stereoplay Magazine

March 2019

German magazine Stereoplay have published their review of LUMIN T2, awarding it an overall score of 92%

During the review Reinhard Paprotka states:

a noble streamer for very high sound demands

Extremely high signal-to-noise ratio

Price-performance is very good

Stereoplay LUMIN T2 Review

High Fidelity

January 2019

Award for LUMIN T2!

High Fidelity Magazine have published their typically thorough LUMIN T2 review and presented it with their Red Fingerprint Award!

In the review, Wojciech Pacuła states:

I really did not expect such a bass from the file player! Not only so low, strong and dynamic, but still pretty and energetic.

completely unlike classical "file-based" sound. This is a big step forward compared to the T1 version, which I have been using for several years

it is a real sensation

High Fidelity LUMIN T2 Review
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