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Stereo Sound

January 2022

Japan's Stereo Sound magazine have published their LUMIN M1 review online.

During the review, Hisaaki Hijikata states:

What I liked was the quality of the Leedh Processing Volume Control, which suppressed the loss of resolution due to the lack of information felt by the previous digital volume-based devices, especially when the volume was turned down.

[Adele's] mouth emerges pinpointly in the center of the two speakers, and the orientation of the front and rear, that is, the way it emerges with respect to the background, also has a three-dimensional effect.

Although it is a state-of-the-art player that can enjoy high resolution and streaming, I would like to highlight my appreciation for the high-quality amplifier and volume which ensure the sound quality as an integrated unit.

The M1, which is incredibly cost-effective, is one of the hottest models available.

Stereo Sound LUMIN M1 review


February 2018

German site Lite-Magazin give LUMIN their 1+ Oberklasse award.

During the review Roman Maier states:

The App could hardly be easier or faster

Lumin follows the song absolutely effortlessly - and into the deepest tonal realms

M1 shows itself to be exceptionally well-balanced

Lumin actually replaces a complete hi-fi setup. The M1 combines streamer, converter, network player and amplifier, all for a fair total price

Lite-Magazin LUMIN M1 review


November 2016

Australian magazine Stereonet have published their LUMIN M1 review.

During the review Tarkan Ceviker states:

The Lumin app is amongst the very best available.

Yeah, the LUMIN could do dynamics

I was constantly blown away by how competently it drove my ELAC speakers, no easy feat.

It’s a stunning looking piece of equipment that has the performance to match.

I find myself struggling to let go of the Lumin M1.

Excellent product and wholeheartedly recommended.

StereoNET LUMIN M1 review


March 2016

Soundrebels have published their LUMIN M1 review.

During the review Marcin Olszewski states:

Like its older siblings M1 plays in a completely unforced manner.

The emphasis is on communication and cohesion

I was constantly blown away by how competently it drove my ELAC speakers, no easy feat.

The longer I listened to M1 the more firmly I believed that it is a product quite ideal for virtually any music lover.
Not only that, but every time and on each repertoire focus is on the advantages of the material rather than flaws, it is charming, making it impossible to tear yourself from the presented music.

Soundrebels LUMIN M1 review

Hi-Fi Choice Poland

February 2016

Hi-Fi Choice Poland have published their fantastic 5-star review of LUMIN M1 online.

During the review Marek Dyba states:

Lumin is focused simply on presenting music as a whole

After, the first few pieces I forgot that the amplifier was class D and just took care of only the most important and enjoyable element of all - music.

It makes presentation so palpable that you can feel the presence of musicians and vocalists in your own room.

Perfect solution for a modern, minimalist and stylish system! In addition reasonably priced and environmentally friendly

Hi-Fi Choice LUMIN M1 review


December 2015

Award for LUMIN M1 - 6moons Blue Moon Award

During the review Joël Chevassus states:

The Lumin app is amongst the very best available.

In terms of power efficiency and vividness, the results were frankly astounding.

It's the only all-in one device I know of that is able to compete with a high-end chain for a fraction of its cost.

high resolution, real drive and well thought-out ergonomics.

I could very honestly live forever happily with the Lumin M1 and my Vivid Giya G1.

6moons LUMIN M1 review


December 2015

Korean website TINMAN have published their glowing review of LUMIN M1

During the review they state:

The most convenient interface in existence.

Overwhelmingly difficult to find digital shortcomings.

The most outstanding value all-in-one media playback system.

Unfortunately, as of 2019, TINMAN reviews no longer exist online

High Fidelity

December 2015

High Fidelity Magazine have published the English version of their LUMIN M1 review. They award it their Red Fingerprint.

During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

Internal design of M1 is unlike almost any other audio product I've seen

one should treat M1 as a device that delivers really good performance no matter what sort of files are used

Most instruments and voices are presented close to listeners and they sound natural, palpable, very much live-like. That's what many of us looks for, that's what we dream of, right?

in many respects what they will get will be so refined that many even more expensive systems won't be able to match (in these respects) this level of performance.

This Player offers quite high "surprise” factor – most will be genuinely surprised by how natural its performance is.

High Fidelity LUMIN M1 review
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