November 2022

Another fantastic 'Recommended' award for LUMIN U2 Mini!

During the review René van Es states:

Beautiful, compact and complete

The Lumin U2 Mini makes me happy. It is a beautiful network player that performs at a higher level of music reproduction compared to the U1 Mini. A bold statement without the U1 Mini next to it in AB comparison. In my defence, I can argue that the U1 Mini has often spoiled my ears in various systems in the past, including here at home.

I can't help but recommend the Lumin U2 Mini to music lovers

Soundrebels LUMIN U2 Mini Review


August 2022

Soundrebels have published not one, but two fantastic LUMIN U2 Mini reviews!

Marcin Olszewski and Jacek Pazio have both written about their enlightening time with the latest LUMIN Streaming Transport:

To put it bluntly, this is not in line with the price level and a similar impression could be expected from [products] at least twice as expensive.


what reaches our ears is fully consistent with the pattern known from the real world.


since you can have a higher-class source for practically the same amount as the older model generation, it is hard not to take advantage of this opportunity.


The gentlemen from Lumin, in a manner known only to themselves, have so skilfully turned up the phenomenal presentation...


the general vitality and timing package perfectly helped to capture the virtual stadium stage


Lumin U2 Mini has a great chance to capture the hearts of the vast majority of the population


...we are dealing with a device worth, even if not buying blind, at least getting to know personally. Really worth it.


Soundrebels LUMIN U2 Mini Review

Michael Lavorgna's Twittering Machines

July 2022

Michael Lavorgna has published his very favourable review of LUMIN U2, describing it as "damn near transparent".

Writing for his own website Twittering Machines, Michael goes on to say...

Regardless of the system it sat in, the Lumin U2 Mini offered a super clear view of the music in play.

I have one very long Plus column and no Cons worth a mention

If you’re in search of a full featured streamer that does music proud by getting out of the way, this Lumin is one for the short list.

Michael Lavorgna's Twittering Machines LUMIN U2 Mini Review

High Fidelity

July 2022

High Fidelity Magazine have published their LUMIN U2 Mini review.

During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

if we want to play streaming from streaming services in the coolest, calm, but also open and dynamic way, this will be a device for us , because it does it very well.

U2 Mini does not pretend to be an analogue medium, but tries to reproduce digitally recorded music in such a way as to get as much energy as possible

Files listened to in this way will never be aggressive, but also will not be warm or "muted" ...The designers of the Lumïn U2 Mini managed this combination of opposites very well.

High Fidelity LUMIN U2 Mini Review
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