LUMIN U1 Reviews


April 2022

LowBeats have published their year-long review of LUMIN U1, awarding it their "REFERENZ" title with a score of 4.6/5 and calling it "the perfect digital sound source".

During the review Jurgen Schroeder states:

Lumin U1 is one of the "easiest-to-maintain" streamers I've experienced in my network gamer test history since 2007

it does everything to ensure that the subsequent DAC can achieve the best possible sound.

it impresses even under rough test conditions with its unconditional reliability, short boot times and prompt response to commands.

For us, who have to evaluate a wide variety of components every day, such an incorruptible, neutral signal preparer is undoubtedly worth its weight in gold. And for those who want to get the most out of their digital chain, the same applies...

LowBeats U1 scores

Audiophile Style

January 2019

Audiophile Style (formerly Computer Audiophile) have published their LUMIN U1 review.

During the review, Sonis states:

Beautifully made superbly engineered

The LUMIN application is the best of its type that I have encountered.

the sound the U1 elicits from these ones-and-zeros is definitely a cut above many other similar devices.

Audiophile Style U1 Review


February 2017

Marcin Olszewski from SoundRebels takes his usual in-depth look at LUMIN U1.

During the review Marcin states:

Lumin exemplifies the perfect mixture of tone quality, musicality and resolution.

An omnipresent calmness appears, an organic homogeneity, but without mudding or losing any of the beloved audiophile plankton.

for me that is obvious and clear recommendation.

Soundrebels LUMIN U1 review


July 2016

MY-HiEND publish their LUMIN U1 review alongside some stunning photographs.

During the review Ted Chen states:

The performance difference of connected DACs is quite obvious. The timbre, sound field, dynamics, high and low frequencies, and balance are all significantly different, and I retain the impression that I should have on the DAC.

Lumin U1 is utter Hi-End practice, advanced design, advanced materials, thick isolation, easy operation, intuitive interface, and internal appearance is absolutely first class workmanship, meticulous, full Hi-End.

MY-HiEND LUMIN U1 review


June 2016

Phileweb take a fascinating in-depth look at LUMIN U1 in combination with 4 different DACs.

  • LUXMAN D-08u
  • MSB Technology ANALOG DAC

When listening to LUMIN U1 and the Accuphase DC-37 Phileweb stated:

Using LUMIN U1 as a transport, a feeling of energy is applied to the sound. It's reminiscent of the network player "A1", which became the driving force of LUMIN with a rich, bold and powerful sound.

When listening to LUMIN U1 and the Chord Dave Phileweb stated:

When in combination with U1, it further pulls out the performance and force of the recording. Again with U1 it is powerful in tone. Miles Davis, here with the added strength of sound plays with a sense of tension, especially with brass instrument such as sax of John Coltrane the presence increases. It is known as a high-quality album, but I was surprised to hear fresh information on a sound source which was recorded in the late 1950s.

MY-Phileweb LUMIN U1 review
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