LUMIN T3 Reviews

High Fidelity

November 2022

High Fidelity Magazine have published their LUMIN T3 review announcing that they are including it in their editorial office 'Reference System'!

During the review Wojciech PacuƂa states:

it doesn't matter what resolution I listened to, what kind of music it was, the Lumin conveyed it in a dynamic, open and energetic way.

Lumin T3 is such a resolving and pleasant-sounding device.

one of the most important skills of this player is building a stereoscopic 'event' in front of us.

The result is a tonally balanced sound, smooth, yet resolving and energetic.

LUMIN T3 High Fidelity 'Applause Award'


October 2022

Spill have published their full review of LUMIN T3

During the review they state:

It has high analytical power but is not sharp and harsh, and the sound is calm and clear.

Compared with the previous generation T2, the tone of the T3 is smoother this time, and the sound level and three-dimensionality are slightly improved. Although it may not be enough to attract users of the previous generation to upgrade, the improvement in sound quality can indeed be heard.

For some friends who are not familiar with Lumin, after seeing the connection of T3, they may feel that its lacking Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Digital input. Is the price of 40,000 yuan worth it? In fact, it is this specialized design that allows the Lumin T3 to provide such a high level of performance.

first-class analytical power, sufficient high and low frequency extension, extremely rich music layering, three-dimensional sound field and imaging, and agile and flexible playback control

For users with enough budget and requirements for network streaming sound quality, the Lumin T3 is one of the best choices at this price point.

LUMIN T3 Spill review

Audiophile Style

October 2022

Award for T3!

Stereonet have published their review of LUMIN T3, presenting it with their Applause Award.

During the review Mark Gusew states:

LUMIN devices are amongst the easiest to set up and configure in the industry.

This model is much closer to the P1 in overall sound quality than the price difference would suggest

LUMIN has got something very right here.

Two things make it stand out from the crowd. First is the excellent sound quality, its dynamics and sheer drive giving life and excitement to music. Secondly, the ongoing software maintenance and support from the factory provide peace of mind and confidence in the purchase being future-proof.

LUMIN T3 Applause Award

Audiophile Style

October 2022

CASH Award for LUMIN T3

Audiophile Style have published their review of LUMIN T3 and LUMIN Amp (used separately and together), adding it to their prestigious list of suggested hardware.

During the review Chris Connaker states:

I can unequivocally say I like the LEEDH processing much better and think it's a game changer

When great music sounds this wonderful, it's addicting.

The T3 is one of those products that will perform close to the highest levels, but without the significant cost.

The sound quality I heard through the Lumin T3 and Lumin AMP, in addition to the great product support and knowhow of the Lumin team, made for a terrific experience all around. The Lumin T3 and Lumin AMP are both CASH Listed, without hesitation.

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