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The Absolute Sound

Editor's Choice Awards 2022

LUMIN X1 is awarded Editor's Choice in the 'Music Servers and peripheral products' category

During the feature, they write:

The X1 is Lumin’s fully featured flagship. It serves as a streamer, DAC, and digital preamplifier, has its own dedicated smartphone app, and is Roon compatible. Unlike some streaming devices, the Lumin X1 does not have any internal hard drives, which ensures that the X1 will never need to be opened to have a drive replaced. The X1 does everything you would expect from a premium audiophile product—it looks cool, operates flawlessly, accepts firmware updates, and has its own app. It also performs as well sonically as any streamer/DAC/preamplifier SS has ever had in his clutches. Low-level detail through the Lumin X1 is exemplary, as is customer service from Source Systems, Lumin’s U.S. distributor. Recently updated with LEEDH digital signal processing. SS, 300

LUMIN X1 The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award

Fidelity Magazine

January 2022

Top 25 in 10 years for LUMIN X1

Germany's FIDELITY magazine have featured LUMIN X1 in their 'Best of 10 years of FIDELITY' publication.

During the article, they write:

One of the most exciting companies in the digital high-end sector points the way to the future of streaming.

The omnipotent network player is likely among the best sounding sources money can buy right now.

has a flow and a naturalness that we only knew from exquisite turntables. During our listening tests, we were also struck time and again by how vividly and three-dimensionally the X1 reproduces.

Fidelity Magazine LUMIN X1

Tweek Geek

June 2020

Tweek Geek have published an article reviewing Leedh Processing and reviewing their experience with LUMIN X1

During the review they state:

you get a purity of signal that is tough to match when using a preamp.

Folks, this is huge.

It's hard to express the level of shock experienced hearing the Lumin with the LEEDH volume control at the helm for the first time.

The first thing I noticed was dynamics had real snap and impact, much more live sounding than before.

Fidelity Online

Fidelity Online

May 2020

Fidelity Online have published their LUMIN X1 and LUMIN Amp review.

During the review Michael Vrzal states:

X1: A streamer to convince all streaming skeptics. Lumin's top model simply makes music and impresses as a valuable high-end component.

In terms of sound, the X1 shows the same signature as the Lumin Amp. It is transparent itself, always at the service of the music. It was immediately noticeable how three-dimensionally this streamer / DAC plays.

Fidelity Online


March 2020

Editor's Choice 2020

In their 21st Anniversary issue, Hi-Fi+ magazine have presented LUMIN X1 with their Editor's Choice award.

The original review was in issue #169 which you can read below.

During the review Alan Sircom states:

To say I'm impressed by the LUMIN X1 is something of an understatement. I am blown away by its performance.

It has a sense of absolute confidence in it's own performance that is typically the domain of the best in analogue

It puts it in direct competition with products that cost several times as much and take up a lot of shelf space in the process.

Hi-Fi+ Editor's Choice

The Absolute Sound

February 2020

Editor's Choice 2020

The Absolute Sound have presented LUMIN X1 with their Editor's Choice 2020 award.

The original review was in issue #300 which you can read below.

In the review Steven Stone states:

Low-level detail through the Lumin X1 was also as good as I’ve heard from any digital source, any time, any place... I was impressed by the system’s ability to retain not only proper pitch but also the texture of the bass.

Not only is the X1 a first-class component, but the support behind the Lumin is also as stellar as the unit itself.

Outstanding... gets everything right and does it all with style

TAS Editor's Choice 2020

Home Theater Review

December 2019

Home Theater Review have published their review of LUMIN X1 awarding it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for Performance. They also included listening notes with the LUMIN Amp.

The original review was in issue #300 which you can read below.

During the review Bob Barrett states:

the sound was analogue in nature but with all of the unrestricted dynamics of a first-class modern-day digital recording.

The recording didn't sound analytical--just very, very musical.

With the Lumin Amp now added to the mix... Music just sounded better overall. Every genre just sounded more organic, more musical.

Lumin X1 is not only terrific sounding but terrific value too. Purist audiophiles looking for a true flagship streamer/renderer/DAC and with the wherewithal to spend $14K on such a product should make sure to include an audition of the Lumin X1 in their search before purchasing anything else. It's that good.

Home Theater Review

Audiophile Style

December 2019

Audiophile Style award LUMIN X1 5 stars and call it a "true accomplishment" during their glowing review.

Chris Connaker goes on to state:

The Lumin X1 is by far the best Lumin product ever developed and competes with the best full-featured streaming DACs anywhere near its price.

The Lumin team has taken the best of its previous products and improved upon these aspects to deliver a sound rooted in analog playback but with all the incredible detail of digital.

Listening to Vaughan's vocals through the Lumin X1 has been nothing short of magical.

It's fair to say Lumin as a company is now at another level with its flagship X1 and AMP.

The Lumin team managed to keep the best parts of the Network Player's analog signature, but made the X1 more transparent.

It has air, detail, liquidity, slam, and the appropriate amount of analog vibe that makes the Lumin X1 something to behold. The X1 is a true accomplishment for the Lumin team and a must-hear for eager audiophiles worldwide.

Audiophile Style 5-star review

High Fidelity magazine

July 2019

Red Fingerprint Award for LUMIN X1.

During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

It's one of the best made file players I've ever seen.

X1 is a real "music machine", so to speak.

This is the sound that many vinyl lovers dream about. A digital device that plays better than a turntable? Please listen to yourself and then think how much more convenient LUMIN is to use.

High Fidelity Magazine LUMIN X1 Review

Haute-Fidélité Magazine

June 2019

'Reference' award for LUMIN X1

Haute-Fidélité Magazine have published their review of LUMIN X1 and presented it with their 'Reference' award in issue #239.

During the review Bruno Castelluzzo states:

The Lumin app has been presented many times before but it remains one of the best apps to stream music from a tablet or smartphone

The streaming offered by the X1 is one of the most beautiful successes at the moment.

Its musicality - made of fluidity, finesse of the treble, and elegance of timbre - will seduce those who are more attached to the music than superfluous effects.

Haute-Fidélité Magazine LUMIN X1 Review

Stereo Magazine

April 2019

After listening for almost 5 weeks, Stereo Magazine have published their English Language review of LUMIN X1 in a free digital edition, awarding it a maximum 100% score for sound quality.

In the review Carsten Barnbeck states:

In this class we naturally expect perfection in haptic as well as in terms of its technical solutions - and LUMIN delivers!

The workmanship of the X1 is simply breathtaking

The X1 has beguiling dynamics, plays thrillingly musically and is a master of subtlety

Stereo Magazine LUMIN X1 Review

Fedeltà del Suono

February 2019

Italian magazine Fedeltà del Suono have published their very thorough LUMIN X1 review and presented it with their highest honour - The 'Top Quality' award.

During the review, Alberto Guerrini states:

It expresses a remarkable natural timbre and the rigorous communication of a true champion, flanked by micro dynamics, micro contrasts and very high definition, that bring it to the top of the category without a shadow of doubt.

One of the best performances ever in this field.

Truly a product difficult to beat from every point of view.

Fedeltà del Suono LUMIN X1 Review

U-Audio Taiwan

January 2019

Taiwanese website U-Audio have published their thorough LUMIN X1 Review including some thoughts on Fibre vs Copper networking.

During the review they state:

Basically, I believe fibre and RJ45 have different personalities and each has its pros. Objectively, I believe fibre offers more detail, layers and is full of potential.

It is not common for a source to be like X1 and simultaneously offer rich functionality, convenient operation, elegant appearance, small physical size, Hi-Fi grade design and manufacturing, and high level of audio reproduction

X1 is not complex to set up yet it has the most complete specification and supported services available. X1 will not disappoint.

Stereo Sound LUMIN X1 Review

Stereo Sound

January 2019

Japanese magazine Stereo Sound have published their LUMIN X1 review.

During the review they state:

A powerful sound full of enthusiasm and far exceeding expectations came out, knocking me off my chair.

Stereo Sound LUMIN X1 Review


January 2019

Japanese magazine HiVi have published their in-depth LUMIN X1 review.

During the review they state:

That exactly did it. LUMIN gave birth to the strongest network player in the world

HiVi LUMIN X1 Review

Net Audio

December 2018

LUMIN X1 features on the cover of Japanese magazine Net Audio vol.32.

During the review they state:

Sound Quality. Functionality. Usability... ...It is not an exaggeration to say X1 is "the ideal form of a network player" at the present moment.

Net Audio LUMIN X1 Review


November 2018

LUMIN X1 features in AudioTechnique issue #446

During the review they state:

I think LUMIN is the best in the market

in terms of the sound quality, X1 is a huge jump from the ex-flagship S1

AudioTechnique LUMIN X1 Review

Audiophile Magazine

November 2018

Audiophile Magazine have published their thorough 5-page review of LUMIN X1.

During the review Joël Chevassus states:

It is without doubt the streamer that in my system has developed the most structured sound stage.

The strength of the LUMIN X1 remains this stereophonic image of a hallucinatory precision.

Lumin X1 is a very exceptional digital transport, very precise...the X1 brings you extra resolution

There is this sense of urgency and visceral energy that remains a very addictive character trait of the Lumin X1, and that difference in terms of performance, between the previous S1 and the new flagship, justifies in itself the move upmarket.

Audiophile Magazine LUMIN X1 Review


November 2018

MONO & STEREO have published their full review of LUMIN X1 and presented it with their 2018 Highly Recommend Product award!

During the review Matej Isak compares LUMIN X1 to a similarly priced computer+DAC setup and states:

Is it better, than a computer?". Oh yes! It is and by no small margin

...the difference is not even funny

fast, resolving and with a transparent dynamic quality, providing the music in an unaltered and forthright way, but nevertheless with the necessary touch of the authentic, real-world warmness

This is another 2018's contender that deserves the highlight. LUMIN X1 has warmed up my inner clocking and lit up the music related inner sensors



August 2018 have published their typically thorough 4-page review of LUMIN X1. This time with Srajan Ebaen investigating.

In the review Srajan Ebaen states:

sophisticated sonic elegance

this is perfectionist hifi done right

now I've seen the light; or heard it as it were. I feel like a proper lumineer - a Luminear...

T6moons LUMIN X1 review
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