LUMIN U2 Reviews

May 2023

Steve Huff has published a text review to go alongside his fantastic video review.

During the review Steve states:

the Lumin experience is just rock solid

With all of the digital front ends I have owned or tested in house, I can easily say that this combo of DAC 200 or Weiss 204 with the Lumin U2 is among the finest I have heard Digital sound.

The Lumin U2 is one of those products that are truly high end in looks, sound and build. It delivers the goods just as a streamer and bested all of the others I have tried up to $5k. It creeps very close to the streamers I have heard that cost double or more.

Silky, sweet, smooth, detailed, three dimensional, emotional and beautiful are just some of the words that describe this piece.

This is easy, I highly recommend the Lumin U2 if you are looking for high quality and high end digital streaming. Period. This is almost as good as it gets for streaming.

Steve Huff Recommended LUMIN U2

April 2023

LUMIN U2 'Recommended' award have published their LUMIN U2 review, presenting it with their 'Recommended' award.

During the review Max Delissen states:

The Lumin U2 has impressed me in several ways. Let me start with the futuristic design and the indestructible construction. Just when you hold it in your hands, you feel that the U2 is a premium device.

Internally, priority is given to the best possible reproduction in all areas.

I save the best for last: the sound quality. That one is fantastic.

Lumin brings more peace and resolution, and a beautiful smoothness.

Recommended Award LUMIN U2

Lite Magazin

March 2023

'Referenzklasse' for LUMIN U2!

Lite Magazin have published their LUMIN U2 review awarding it their 'Referenzklasse' status with a score of 99/100

To sum up his review Philipp Schneckenburger states:

With its excellent functionality and operation, the Lumin U2 makes high-quality streaming easier and more convenient than almost any other source device. While its interior is then filled with potent, high-quality hardware, the streaming transport to the outside impresses with its exquisite design and perfect workmanship. In terms of sound, the U2 convinces with its balanced, spatial and liquid sound, which can be enjoyed for many hours thanks to its good long-term suitability. The well-functioning upsampling also helps to elicit additional performance even from moderately mixed and lower-resolution albums. And despite the complexity of the technology that drives it, Lumin's streaming can be operated wonderfully smoothly and intuitively with its app.

Referenzklasse Award LUMIN U2

High Fidelity

March 2023

High Fidelity have published their LUMIN U2 review.

During the review Wojciech PacuƂa states:

Lumin products are consistently very well built, easy to use and have a very pleasant sound.

The latest generation of these products brings something more: Resolution AND richness.

You see, you can't have everything, at least not in audio. Even if you have all the money in the world you have to choose between different aspects of the sound. For me, what Lumin did in U2, and before that in T3, is the right path.

The U2 is therefore a versatile product, offering very enjoyable listening sessions of all types and styles of music with an extremely natural sound. I would even say that the sound is charming, bringing peace and joy.

U2 High Fidelity Review
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