LUMIN D1 & D2 Reviews

Hi-Fi News and Record Review

June 2020

Hi-Fi News have published their review of LUMIN D2 (including a lab report) presenting it with their 'Outstanding Product' award.

During the review Andrew Everard writes:

D2 looks good, is sensibly priced and – thanks to a super-slick app – is a delight to use too

The D2 powers the bass anddrums along with real punch, while also rendering the instrumental andvocal lines with a wide-open sense of timbre and texture

In common with some of the higherend network players, it goes further than just delivering a recording, instead getting the listener into the heart of the music.

If you want the impression of real live musicians plonked in the room in front of you, the D2 delivers.

The full online review includes a lab report.

Hi-Fi News LUMIN D2 review

Fidelity Online

May 2019 have published their review of LUMIN D2.

During the review Thomas Richter writes:

When unpacking comes the first surprise. Wow! Damn high quality looking device.

In terms of sound, the D2 leaves nothing to be desired.

When I say here that the sound offers a certain empathy and softness, some will immediately put that in the negative corner. But that's fundamentally wrong, because I mean the really nice flow of the game in contrast to the exaggerated attention to detail of some other comparable devices, which can quickly be perceived as exhausting.

Hats off - I can only recommend the Lumin D2 from all points of view, especially since it also allows non-IT experts to easily integrate it into their home hi-fi system.

Fidelity Online LUMIN D2 review

High Fidelity

December 2017

High Fidelity take a look at LUMIN D2 and find a fresh sound.

During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

the player from LUMIN is a result of passion and a love for music

Its sound is like an attractive view and a sunlit side of the house in one.

It's a device that lets you enjoy music no matter what source the files come from.

High Fidelity LUMIN D2 review

Hi-Fi Choice Poland

February 2018

Hi-Fi Choice Poland have just published their 5-star review of the new LUMIN D2.

In the huge 7-page review, Marek Dyba states:

Add to this the functionality that covers virtually everything a demanding user can expect and we get a device that is simply excellent, and one which a music and emotion lover will find it difficult to find competition for at a similar and even slightly higher price level. LUMIN engineers once again did a great job!

Hi-Fi Choice LUMIN D2 review

February 2018

Dutch Magazine have published their review of LUMIN D2

During the review Sinan Kökbugur states:

We can conclude that LUMIN does much more than imitate and plays a role at the forefront of streamer development.

The sound of the LUMIN D2 can be called excellent without reservation

With the playing of DSD, the LUMIN D2 showed that there could be some gain against WAV. As if a very thin veil between listener and musicians was taken away. The listener can come a little closer to the stage with DSD and the stage can still gain a bit of breadth and depth.

Dynamics and spaciousness are in good hands with the LUMIN D2

The operation is intuitive and easy. The sound is neutral with a very light touch of warmth. Those looking for a streamer with a good DA converter on board should put the LUMIN D2 on their research list.

Alpha Audio LUMIN D2 review

Alpha Audio

April 2018

Dutch magazine Alpha Audio have published their review of LUMIN D2, branding it "Absurdly Good".

During the review Jaap Veenstra states:

We hear a strikingly detailed and smooth character for a player in this class.

You miss nothing when it comes to detail, precision, timing and experience.

The LUMIN D2 has surprised us positively.

Alpha Audio LUMIN D2 review

Haute Fidélité

March 2018

Haute Fidélité have published their absolutely stellar review of LUMIN D2 awarding it "Best Buy" in their 4-page review.

During the review Bruno Castelluzzo states:

LUMIN expresses itself precisely by a beautiful light in the high frequencies but accompanied by a variety of nuances in the higher harmonics taking advantage of the resolution of the best files.

For this budget, you have a perfectly plug and play package

A model of its kind and a total success.

Haute Fidélité LUMIN D2 review
The review is currently only available in print

Audio Test

March 2018

Audio Test Magazine have reviewed LUMIN D2 as their latest issue awarding it their "sehr gut".

During the review Johannes Strom states:

While many DACs and streamers sound unemotional and reserved LUMIN is able to illuminate the music strongly without being harsh or chinking. A musical spring, which touches the soul. Charming! So now it is very clear why Pixel Magic carries "Magic" in its name.

Audio Test LUMIN D2 review
The review is currently only available in print

LUMIN D1 Reviews

Positive Feedback

November 2016

Positive Feedback have published their review of LUMIN D1 on it's own and together with the Sbooster power supply.

They award LUMIN a PF Writers' Choice Award, 2016

During the review Maurice Jeffries writes:

the D1 captured that ineffable sense of airy openness that one typically associates, here we go again, with analog playback, not digital.

Lumin's diminutive D1 Network Music Player (with the outboard Sbooster PSU) has forced me to rethink what digital audio can do

The Lumin weds digital's traditional strengths (low noise, linearity, and absence of background noise) to many of analog's defining qualities (fluidity of presentation, overall coherence, musical flow, air and transparency) in ways that I have never experienced before.

Positive Feedback LUMIN D1 review

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine

November 2016

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine have published their review of LUMIN D1.

During the review Hugh Douglas and Stephen Holding write:

Lumin’s D1 Network Music Player returned outstanding results in all the tests performed by Newport Test Labs.

the D1 played ordinary CD-standard music files with a level of fidelity that has escaped most of the CD (and SACD) players I have ever used.

Lumin’s new D1 is one of the best-sounding, most full-featured and best-looking network streamers available.

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine LUMIN D1 review

HiFi Live

March 2016

Spanish magazine HiFi Live take an in-depth 3-page look at LUMIN D1

During the review Josep Armengol states:

to get carried away listening to music Lumin is perhaps the best

And that's another advantage: the application itself is excellent, the best I know

The pleasure to use is as great as the pleasure of listening

Sound has a very musical profile with "body"

HiFi Live LUMIN D1 review


October 2015

Qobuz have published their review of LUMIN D1

During the thorough and technical review Philippe Daussin states:

the LUMIN D1 network player is a veritable champion

I strongly recommend it to all music lovers and to all vinyl fans, because D1 style is very similar to this of a truly analogue source.

the notes of the piano fuse with fluidity, clarity and liveliness

Qobuz LUMIN D1 review


October 2015

StereoLife have published their LUMIN D1 review.

During the review Krzysztof Kalinkowski states:

Each recording became so addictive that I didn't want to stop listening, every album played from beginning to end, sometimes even several times in a row

I strongly recommend it to all music lovers and to all vinyl fans, because D1 style is very similar to this of a truly analogue source.

I think the point is to have as much pleasure from listening to music as possible. And Lumin D1 provides this 100%

StereoLife Magazine LUMIN D1 review


July 2015

The 6moons D1 review have published and English-language version of Dawid Grzyb's review.

During the review Dawid states:

For me the Lumin D1 was a hugely positive surprise and sonically unexpectedly refined.

Once one tries navigating music with the Lumin, there's no turning back.

For the money, it doesn’t get much better if at all.

6MOONS LUMIN D1 review


May 2015

Hi-Fi+ review LUMIN D1 in issue #123

During the review Nicholas Ripley states:

In outright sound quality, it’s like Lumin forgot to tell the D1 it was the brand’s entry-level player.

it’s an exceptional £5,000 network player, for £1,600.

...any way you look at it, this is like getting 90% of the product for less than 1/3rd the price. What’s not to like about that?

Hi-Fi Plus LUMIN D1 review


April 2015

Marcin Olszewski from SoundRebels takes an in-depth look at LUMIN D1.

During the review Marcin states:

Just plain fantastic.

the guys from Pixel Magic Systems Ltd. really thought things through

as for the price level it is not good, not even very good, but it is exceptional

Soundrebels LUMIN D1 review
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