LUMIN L2 Reviews

Audiophile Style

February 2024

CASH Award for LUMIN L2!

Audiophile Style have published their LUMIN L2 review, using it in conjunction with the original LUMIN A1 and the latest LUMIN D3 and awarding it their CASH Award (Computer Audiophile Suggested Hardware).

During the fantastic review Chris Connaker states:

If one values time, the Lumin L2 is capable of giving you back your life to enjoy music

The L2 > D3 and A1 was flawless, with the exception of one Multi-Room use case that was quickly resolved by Lumin support. Gapless, DSD, high resolution, queue management, library updating and scanning, etc… were all a piece of cake.

What surprised me most was the dead silence and black background while playing music. This wasn’t something for which I listened, as I was just trying to kick back and enjoy the music. It was one of those things that was immediate once I hit play.

I recommend the Lumin L2 for every audiophile who values doing business with a great company, likes direct user support, zero configuration setup, rock solid stability, components that work and are nearly impossible to break, and of course sound quality commensurate with incredibly revealing audio components. The Lumin L2 easily makes the CASH List.

LUMIN L2 Audiophile Style review

High Fidelity

January 2024

High Fidelity have published their review of the new LUMIN L2 Music Library & Network Switch

During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

LUMIN L2 is a device that solves many problems when configuring a system based on audio files.

compared to the Synology drive, L2 is two steps ahead when it comes to the ability to extract small information from the signal

The difference was clear from the very beginning, but the belief in the correctness of this solution grew over time until there was no going back.

formulating a conclusion was simple: a) L2 works best when used as both NAS & LAN system and b) it is really, really good at what it does.

Together they create a highly resolved, accurate device that clearly shows the differences between file types.

I have found a new device for the "High Fidelity" reference system.

LUMIN L2 High Fidelity Magazine review
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