July 2021

German magazine have published their 4-page review of LUMIN U1 MINI.

During the review André Schwerdt states:

The Lumin U1 Mini offers a very well thought-out, comprehensive, top-class streaming performance at a very reasonable price. the notoriously doubting audiophile music listener the certainty that they have done everything right at the beginning of the signal chain.

If a first-class streamer like the Lumin U1 Mini delivers the data in such a maximum trouble-free and excellently prepared top quality, the DAC can run to top form. And you can hear that every second. LUMIN U1 Mini Review

What Hi-Fi?

February 2021

What Hi-Fi? have published the Australian Hi-Fi review of LUMIN U1 online.

During the review they state:

The Lumin App is fantastically intuitive and easy to use

You won’t fail to be impressed by the sound quality from the Lumin U1 Mini.

But the bass… oh the bass! The Lumin U1 Mini reproduced the very deepest organ notes pitch-perfectly and with true authority.

Superb execution. Flawless sound. Fantastic app

What Hi-Fi? LUMIN U1 Mini Review

2020/21 ROAST Awards

December 2020

Network Product of the Year

Four of the largest online German-speaking publications (,, and have again chosen their smart technology products of the year in 2020.

The Judges' Comment states:

If your hi-fi system still has some catching up to do in the digital sector and simple streaming is not enough to meet your requirements, Lumin provides exactly the right solution with the high-quality U1 Mini. Visually, the streaming transport is beyond any doubt and impresses with its elegant design and high material quality. The variety of connections means there is plenty of choice and, thanks to the compact dimensions of the U1 Mini, it can be combined with any type of hi-fi system. In addition, the streamer is compatible with a wide variety of file formats and of course has a heart for HiRes files.

2020/21 ROAST Awards

2021 Sound & Image Awards

November 2020

Network Music Player of the Year

In the 2021 Sound & Image Awards, Sound+Image, Australian Hi-Fi, Best Buys Audio & AV, and Audio Esoterica magazines have combined to award LUMIN U1 their top prize.

The Judges' Comment states:

This digital renderer of streaming music is about a third of the price of the non-‘Mini’ version, yet the performance is still magical.

2021 Sound & Image Award

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine

October 2020

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine have reviewed LUMIN U1 MINI.

During the review Kenneth Zhang states:

The Lumin App is fantastically intuitive and easy to use

You won’t fail to be impressed by the sound quality from the Lumin U1 Mini.

Superb execution. Flawless sound. Fantastic app

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine LUMIN U1 Mini Review

HIFIlive Magazine

April 2019

HIFIlive Magazine have published their review of LUMIN U1 MINI presenting it with their 'Best Value' award.

They also try it with an aftermarket power supply.

During the review José Manuel Delgado states:

a new reference to my system

without doubt a winning horse

I doubt that there are better network transports. Highly recommended.

HIFILive LUMIN U1 Mini Review

Lite Magazine

June 2019

97% for LUMIN U1 Mini

Lite Magazine have published their hugely positive review of LUMIN U1 Mini and have awarded it a score of 97%.

During the review magazine editor Martin Sowa states:

Here the beat goes straight into the blood and the singing under the skin. Lumin provides unimaginable detail.

Music can sound so lively when experts are at work!

the perfect partner for almost every digital-to-analog converter.

Lite Magazine LUMIN U1 Mini Review

Hi-Fi Knights

December 2018

Hi-Fi Knights have published their review of LUMIN U1 MINI including some stunning photography.

During the review Dawid Grzyb states:

U1 MINI sang like a fully flourished and mature product free from trade-offs associated with its price

The quality leap from my daily driver to Lumin’s petite box was severe

For the money it doesn’t get any better than this

Hifitest LUMIN U1 Mini Review

December 2018 have published their review of LUMIN U1 MINI.

During the review they write:

What all Lumin systems have in common is their great streaming platform, which is controlled by one of the best current apps.

...simply reproduces with great neutrality what information is contained in the files.

Lumin concentrates on the essentials with the U1 Mini and gets everything right.

Hifitest LUMIN U1 Mini Review

Hi-Fi Choice Poland

December 2018

Hi-Fi Choice Poland have published their thorough 7-page review of LUMIN U1 MINI and awarded it 5 Stars.

During the review Marek Dyba states:

With Lumin, music is always put first

I would describe it as a very musical, natural sounding transport, but at the same time precise, resolving, extracting a huge amount of information from each recording.

This is a great product!

Hi-Fi Choice Poland LUMIN U1 Mini Review


October 2018

Soundrebels have published their U1 MINI review.

During the review Marcin Olszewski states:

the whole remained coherent and proportional, there were absolutely no distortion

U1 Mini is an almost ideal solution for all DAC users from a very broad price spectrum

I would warmly recommend to start your search from this modest transport

Soundrebels LUMIN U1 Mini Review
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