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Hi-Fi News

March 2024

"Outstanding Product" Award for LUMIN D3!

Hi-Fi News have published their LUMIN D3 review presenting it with their "Outstanding Product" award!

Featuring many listening notes and a full Lab Report, Mark Craven states:

the new D3 is closer to the company’s step-up T3 DAC/streamer than the £2k price difference suggests.

a slick custom app that handles both control of music playback and configuration of hardware settings... it puts some other rival streaming apps to shame.

Lumin’s D3 is nothing if not insightful.

the deal is sealed by its performance. Grab an audition – and take your credit card along

Hi-Fi News LUMIN D3 Oustanding Product Award


March 2024

Hong Kong website Spill have published their LUMIN D3 review.

During the review they state:

For users who want to listen to streaming music seriously, LUMIN is one of the most noteworthy brands.

LUMIN’s tuning indeed has a unique charm that enhances the musical layering and transparency

Whether it is a first-time purchase or an equipment upgrade, it is one of the most recommended options for the near future.

it can make the music you usually listen to sound better. This alone is worth the price of admission

Easy to use and a seamless streaming experience with the familiar LUMIN sonic 'magic'



February 2024

'HIGHLIGHT' award for LUMIN D3

FIDELITY Magazine have published their LUMIN D3 review, presenting it with their 'HIGHLIGHT' award!

During the review Michael Vrizal states:

fun from the first note.

In terms of sound, the 'little one' plays in the major league.

The little Lumin has power. Its sound impresses the listener immediately

The latest version of Lumin's entry-level offering is a smash hit!


Stereonet Awards

January 2024

Stereonet have presented LUMIN D3 with their 'Mid-Price Streamer Product of the Year 2024' Award!

Although it’s the new entry-level model, you wouldn’t know by looking at it or indeed listening to it.

near-impossible to beat at or near its price.

Product of the Year Award for LUMIN D3


January 2024

Taiwanese website U-Audio have published their LUMIN D3 review.

During the review 文‧林治宇 states:

through high-quality sound performance, it has clearly distinguished itself from the rest of the market.

The singing voice is full of appeal

the tone sounds so beautiful that I keep listening to one song after another.

D3 has achieved a good balance in all aspects. Coupled with its powerful functions and high-quality appearance and workmanship, few people in its class can match it.

U-Audio LUMIN D3 review

Hi-Fi Class

December 2023

Editor's Choice Award!

Hi-Fi Class Magazine have published their LUMIN D3 review, presenting it with 5 stars in every category and their coveted 'Editor's Choice' award!

During the review they state:

I was surprised, above all, by the lively, joyful, open sound. One that draws you in from the first notes, sways you, takes you into the world of music and brings a smile to your face.

Also PRAT, i.e. tempo, rhythm and timing, in this little guy's version could put many more expensive constructions to shame.

This is a more complete sound than its predecessor, smooth, coherent, musical and natural, but also richer, fuller thanks to better resolution, and at the same time cleaner and more transparent. Let's add to this higher energy, openness and dynamics of playing. Ultimately, we get a player that simply sounds even better, regardless of musical preference, and can easily be a source in a high-class system.

At this price it's a revelation!

Hi-Fi Class Editor's Choice Award for LUMIN D3


November 2023

Audionet Taiwan have published their glowing LUMIN D3 review!

During the review they state:

Compared with D2, it completely jumped to another level in terms of sound transparency, fineness, and dynamic effects. Although D3 still has the softness and directness of D2, These sound characteristics have improved all the shortcomings of D2! matter the budget, LUMIN's streaming machines are all worth investing in.

The D3 streaming player is definitely the most sincere of all the entry streaming machines in recent years!

Audionet LUMIN D3 review

High Fidelity

November 2023

High Fidelity have published their LUMIN D3 review.

During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

The D3 plays the full range with panache, creating large, cool, tangible sound sources.

It is worth trying the D3 with a power amplifier or active loudspeakers. You will have to spend as much on the preamplifier as on the player itself for it to be better in this respect.

...a resolving device with a wonderful timbre. It plays all types of music with commitment and flair.

High Fidelity LUMIN D3 review


October 2023

First review and first award for LUMIN D3!

StereoNet have published their LUMIN D3 review presenting it with their "Applause" Award.

During the review Michael Evans states:

the listener can just sit down and get into the music.

LUMIN was able to set up a spacious recorded acoustic that placed the various elements of the mix very accurately.

Soundstaging was impressively wide and vocals sat rock-solid in the mix, sounding vibrant and strong.

It has an easy, smooth and open character, yet is a dynamic and grippy device too. There is none of the brightness or even harshness associated with some less expensive streamer designs

Sonically, the new D3 is a winner, too – with a crisp, smooth and open sound that doesn't privilege one type of music over another.

Applause Award for LUMIN D3
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