LUMIN D3 Reviews


November 2023

Audionet Taiwan have published their glowing LUMIN D3 review!

During the review they state:

Compared with D2, it completely jumped to another level in terms of sound transparency, fineness, and dynamic effects. Although D3 still has the softness and directness of D2, These sound characteristics have improved all the shortcomings of D2! matter the budget, LUMIN's streaming machines are all worth investing in.

The D3 streaming player is definitely the most sincere of all the entry streaming machines in recent years!

Audionet LUMIN D3 review

High Fidelity

November 2023

High Fidelity have published their LUMIN D3 review.

During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

The D3 plays the full range with panache, creating large, cool, tangible sound sources.

It is worth trying the D3 with a power amplifier or active loudspeakers. You will have to spend as much on the preamplifier as on the player itself for it to be better in this respect.

...a resolving device with a wonderful timbre. It plays all types of music with commitment and flair.

High Fidelity LUMIN D3 review


October 2023

First review and first award for LUMIN D3!

StereoNet have published their LUMIN D3 review presenting it with their "Applause" Award.

During the review Michael Evans states:

the listener can just sit down and get into the music.

LUMIN was able to set up a spacious recorded acoustic that placed the various elements of the mix very accurately.

Soundstaging was impressively wide and vocals sat rock-solid in the mix, sounding vibrant and strong.

It has an easy, smooth and open character, yet is a dynamic and grippy device too. There is none of the brightness or even harshness associated with some less expensive streamer designs

Sonically, the new D3 is a winner, too – with a crisp, smooth and open sound that doesn't privilege one type of music over another.

Applause Award for LUMIN D3
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