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Why the LUMIN App

All LUMIN control is achieved through the LUMIN App. We've created it in harmony with the LUMIN hardware to deliver the most intuitive and visually rich way to browse, select and play your music collection.

The recent transition from physical music to digital collections hasn't always retained everything we value in the tactile and stimulating process of music selection. At LUMIN, we know how precious music is; that the artwork and album structure are important parts of the browsing and selection process; and we know that filenames, codecs and data can sometimes get in the way.

Intuitive and powerful

Once one tries navigating music with LUMIN there's no turning back.

The most convenient interface in existence.


Really easy (and rather a lot of fun) to pick an album.

The app is fantastic and works exceptionally well ...entirely intuitive.


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The LUMIN app is free on all platforms!

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Note: Apple Silicon app is downloaded from the same iOS App Store above

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  • Apple iOS

  • Android

    • Android Version 4.0 and later (Ice Cream Sandwich)
    • Phone and Tablet support
    • Full High Density Display support
  • Apple Silicon

    • macOS 11 or later (download iOS app from the iOS App Store)
    • Full High Density Display support
  • Chromebook

    • Google Play Store required


  • General

    • 4 themes - Light, Dark, Black & White
    • Separate optimised layouts for phones and tablets
    • Control all aspects of LUMIN Players including settings for Streaming Services and Libraries
  • Streaming services

    • UPnP AV (OpenHome)
    • TIDAL and TIDAL Masters MQA
    • Qobuz and Qobuz Sublime High Res
    • TuneIn Radio
    • Note: LUMIN players also support Spotify, Roon and are AirPlay-compatible, however these largely bypass the LUMIN App
  • Album Artwork

    • High resolution image support
    • On-tablet/phone caching of artwork
    • Adjustable artwork scaling (pinch to zoom) in 'Browse' screen
    • Full-screen artwork in 'Now Playing' screen
  • Now Playing

    • Display of Codec Name, Audio Sample Rate, Audio Bit Rate, and Data Rate.
    • Minimal Fullscreen Artwork option
    • Icons to indicate streaming source (e.g. TIDAL or Qobuz)
  • Playlist

    • Supports 2000 tracks
    • Album grouping (optional)
    • Icons to indicate streaming source and in some cases quality (e.g. TIDAL MQA or Qobuz Sublime High-Res)
    • Shuffle and Repeat
    • Button to jump to track currently playing
    • Editable (either individual tracks, or whole albums). Drag to reorder or swipe to delete.
    • Save playlists (including iCloud sync between iOS devices). TIDAL and Qobuz items can also be saved to your TIDAL/Qobuz accounts
  • Browse

    • Supports many thousands of albums
    • Order your library by Track Title, Album Title, Artist, Composer (optional), Genre, Date recorded, or Date Added to Library (Minimserver Libraries only)
    • Search your library in two ways (Filter or Find)
    • Search the TIDAL or Qobuz catalogues
    • Adjustable artwork scaling (pinch to zoom) in 'Browse' screen
    • View options include Artwork View, Song Grouping View, or Heading View
    • Maximise to fill the screen (tablet only)
    • Traditional UPnP browsing available as an option
    • Icons to indicate streaming source and in some cases quality (e.g. TIDAL MQA or Qobuz Sublime High-Res)
    • Add tracks or whole albums to the playlist for listening Now, Next or Later
    • Visit or pages for Song/Album Title or Artist Name
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