LUMIN X1 Reviews


March 2019

In issue #169 of Hi-Fi+ there is a superb LUMIN X1 review.

During the review Alan Sircom states:

To say I'm impressed by the LUMIN X1 is something of an understatement. I am blown away by its performance.

It has a sense of absolute confidence in it's own performance that is typically the domain of the best in analogue

It puts it in direct competition with products that cost several times as much and take up a lot of shelf space in the process.

Fedeltà del Suono LUMIN X1 Review

Fedeltà del Suono

February 2019

Italian magazine Fedeltà del Suono have published their very thorough LUMIN X1 review and presented it with their highest honour - The 'Top Quality' award.

During the review, Alberto Guerrini states:

It expresses a remarkable natural timbre and the rigorous communication of a true champion, flanked by micro dynamics, micro contrasts and very high definition, that bring it to the top of the category without a shadow of doubt.

One of the best performances ever in this field.

Truly a product difficult to beat from every point of view.

Fedeltà del Suono LUMIN X1 Review

U-Audio Taiwan

January 2019

Taiwanese website U-Audio have published their thorough LUMIN X1 Review including some thoughts on Fibre vs Copper networking.

During the review they state:

Basically, I believe fibre and RJ45 have different personalities and each has its pros. Objectively, I believe fibre offers more detail, layers and is full of potential.

It is not common for a source to be like X1 and simultaneously offer rich functionality, convenient operation, elegant appearance, small physical size, Hi-Fi grade design and manufacturing, and high level of audio reproduction

X1 is not complex to set up yet it has the most complete specification and supported services available. X1 will not disappoint.

Stereo Sound LUMIN X1 Review

Stereo Sound

January 2019

Japanese magazine Stereo Sound have published their LUMIN X1 review.

During the review they state:

A powerful sound full of enthusiasm and far exceeding expectations came out, knocking me off my chair.

Stereo Sound LUMIN X1 Review


January 2019

Japanese magazine HiVi have published their in-depth LUMIN X1 review.

During the review they state:

That exactly did it. LUMIN gave birth to the strongest network player in the world

HiVi LUMIN X1 Review

Net Audio

December 2018

LUMIN X1 features on the cover of Japanese magazine Net Audio vol.32.

During the review they state:

Sound Quality. Functionality. Usability... ...It is not an exaggeration to say X1 is "the ideal form of a network player" at the present moment.

Net Audio LUMIN X1 Review


November 2018

LUMIN X1 features in AudioTechnique issue #446

During the review they state:

I think LUMIN is the best in the market

in terms of the sound quality, X1 is a huge jump from the ex-flagship S1

AudioTechnique LUMIN X1 Review

Audiophile Magazine

November 2018

Audiophile Magazine have published their thorough 5-page review of LUMIN X1.

During the review Joël Chevassus states:

It is without doubt the streamer that in my system has developed the most structured sound stage.

The strength of the LUMIN X1 remains this stereophonic image of a hallucinatory precision.

Lumin X1 is a very exceptional digital transport, very precise...the X1 brings you extra resolution

There is this sense of urgency and visceral energy that remains a very addictive character trait of the Lumin X1, and that difference in terms of performance, between the previous S1 and the new flagship, justifies in itself the move upmarket.

Audiophile Magazine LUMIN X1 Review


November 2018

MONO & STEREO have published their full review of LUMIN X1 and presented it with their 2018 Highly Recommend Product award!

During the review Matej Isak compares LUMIN X1 to a similarly priced computer+DAC setup and states:

Is it better, than a computer?". Oh yes! It is and by no small margin

...the difference is not even funny

fast, resolving and with a transparent dynamic quality, providing the music in an unaltered and forthright way, but nevertheless with the necessary touch of the authentic, real-world warmness

This is another 2018's contender that deserves the highlight. LUMIN X1 has warmed up my inner clocking and lit up the music related inner sensors



August 2018 have published their typically thorough 4-page review of LUMIN X1. This time with Srajan Ebaen investigating.

In the review Srajan Ebaen states:

sophisticated sonic elegance

this is perfectionist hifi done right

now I've seen the light; or heard it as it were. I feel like a proper lumineer - a Luminear...

T6moons LUMIN X1 review