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How to use the LUMIN App


The following instructions apply mainly to UPnP AV (OpenHome) Music Servers, but many of the same principles also apply to connected USB drives and cloud services such as TIDAL and Qobuz. 

See TIDAL music streaming, Qobuz music streaming and Standard UPnP browsing for more specific information.

Sort tabs

Sort the music list by:

LUMIN browsing of local music servers is at its most flexible when the music is well tagged. You can sort your music library by the following tags:

  • Song Title Song Title
  • Album Title Album Title
  • Artist Album Artist
  • Composer (optional) Composer (optional)
  • Genre Genre
  • Year Year
  • Newest added to the server Newest added to the server

If the full list of icons can't fit on the screen, this area can be scrolled left and right by dragging a finger on the screen.

Streaming services tabs

Select browsing source

In this same area you can also get access to:

If the full list of icons can't fit on the screen, this area can be scrolled left and right by dragging a finger on the screen.

App view

Change the view

  • Artwork View Artwork View (tapping on an album takes you to Song Grouping View)
  • Song Grouping View Song Grouping View
  • Heading View Heading View

The available views and the content of those views varies depending on current 'Sort by' selection.

Note: To save space on small screens, some of these buttons may toggle between views.

Maximise view

Maximise the Browse panel (large screens only)

The browse panel can be maximised to fill the screen. Useful while creating large Playlists.

Pinch to zoom

Pinch to zoom

When in Artwork View, you can pinch the screen to zoom the artwork. LUMIN App will automatically rescale slightly to optimise the view.

Streaming services tabs

Add to Playlist

Normally, as soon as you tap on a song or Grouping header, it will automatically be added to the bottom of the Playlist.
However, if you have selected 'Double Tap' as the selection method, more options become available.

You can now select multiple single songs at once and the bottom menu will appear, allowing the following:

  • Play Now Play now: Adds selection to the bottom of the Playlist and LUMIN will skip to it and play immediately
  • Play Next Play next: Adds selection after the 'Now Playing' song and LUMIN will play it after the current song has finished
  • Play Later Play later: Adds selection to the bottom of the Playlist
  • Play and replace Play and replace: Replaces the whole of the Playlist with the selection, and starts playing
  • Clear selection Clear selection: Deselects all songs.

To add a whole album to the playlist easily, see below.

Info popup

Info pop-up

Press and hold on any item in the Browse, Playlist, or Now Playing app areas to open an info pop-up.

From this pop-up you can:

  • Play NowPlay NextPlay LaterPlay and replaceAdd this item to the Playlist: (see above for icon explanations). A major benefit is being able to add a whole album to the Playlist without leaving Artwork View.
  • Search the current library for matching items e.g. Ryan Adams:
  • Last.fmView the entry for this artist/title*
  • Allmusic.comView the entry for this artist/title*
  • TIDALBrowse the TIDAL library for matching items
  • QobuzBrowse the Qobuz library for matching items
  • When in TIDAL or Qobuz, you also search your local music library for matching items.

* On the resulting pop-up you can press the Globe icon jump to browser to switch to your device's main browser.

Streaming services tabs


First select the tab to sort the list by (see above).
Then type in the word you want to find in that tag.
The example shows that we are searching for "Joni" in the Artist tags.

Note: Search behaviour depends on the App setting "Search Mode".
Filter: Shows only those items that match the search term.
Find: Shows all items, but highlights matching items. Use the forward and back arrows to navigate through the results.