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What is Plex

Plex is a popular music management service that combines a user's own video, audio, and photos with online streaming services. Controlling apps are available for mobile devices, smart TVs, streaming boxes, web browsers and more.

Your music combines with the Plex database to provide music recommendations, artwork, metadata, lyrics and more.

LUMIN + Plex

LUMIN is the first (and only) high-end audio system that can discover and connect to Plex. No network configuration is required and delivery is bit-perfect.


  • LUMIN Firmware v16 onwards
  • Latest LUMIN App (iOS or Android)
  • Plex Account (free)
  • Plex Media Server (free)
  • Control app e.g. Plex app or Plexamp app (requires Plex Pass supscription)

Getting started

Create a free Plex Account

Create a Plex account Visit and create your free account.

Install Plex Media Server

install Plex Media Server Visit to download the correct package for your device.

Plex Media Server is available for most computer operating systems and NAS brands.

Some Operating systems and NAS brands have Plex listed in their own App Stores allowing installation directly from within their interfaces.

Point Plex Media Server at the location of your music files

LUMIN Firmware Pop-up The very first time the server runs, it should launch a browser to sign you in and start the Setup Wizard.

Choose the location of your music files

Sign in to Plex on LUMIN

Link LUMIN to PlexLink LUMIN to Plex In LUMIN App > Settings > LUMIN Options > Plex Setting tap 'Sign in' to link LUMIN to Plex.

Visit and enter the provided code.

In the control app, choose LUMIN as the player

Select LUMIN as the playerLUMIN Display for Plex

In Plex control software (Plex app or Plexamp App), tap the icon highlighted in green and then select the LUMIN player that you wish to play the music.

Playback will be bit-perfect direct from your server to LUMIN hardware.

Volume control in the Plex app will adjust default LUMIN volume method (including Leedh Volume if that has been turned on)


Plex + TIDAL: Plex offers TIDAL from within Plex, but this is not generally recommended for LUMIN users as Plex isn't an MQA partner and therefore 24-bit MQA or 48/96/192kHz MQA are not possible. Best quality TIDAL playback is currently available from LUMIN app, TIDAL Connect, or Roon.

LUMIN support of Plex is limited to using LUMIN hardware as a Plex network music player client with Plex software as a control point. At this time we do not support browsing of Plex libraries from within the LUMIN App.

Plexamp DSP features like Loudness Leveling, Sweet Fades, Equalizer, Limiter etc. are not available when playing through LUMIN.

Use of Plex App or Plexamp is preferred to the Plex web interface.


For more help and support visit

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