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How to use the LUMIN App


Album grouping

Album grouping

To make the Playlists easier to understand, LUMIN App visually groups songs that are from the same album. Artwork and Album Title are only included once per group.

The area highlighted in green is one Album Grouping.

This feature can be turned off in Settings > Group by Album in Playlist.

Now playing song

Now Playing song

The song being played in the Playlist is highlighted in the left column by a play symbol Now playing instead of the Playlist number.

If the Playlist is long, you can quickly scroll to the Now Playing song by tapping the Jump button Jump. The Jump button displays the Now Playing song number and the total number of songs in the Playlist.

If Settings > Follow Now Playing is turned on, the Playlist will automatically scroll to follow the Now Playing song.

Edit playlist


Tapping the Edit Edit playlistbutton will change the appearance of the Playlist songs. You can now tap the red 'Minus' icons to delete a song/album from the playlist, or drag the 'Grip' area on the right to re-arrange the song order.

When you have finished, you can tap the Edit button again to return to the normal Playlist view.

Save and load

Save and Load

Save and loadThe 'Playlist' button (highlighted) is used to both Save and Load Playlists.

  • Save new: Type your new Playlist Name in the text box and then tap the Save Save button.
  • Overwrite: Tap the Playlist Name in the list that you wish to overwrite and then tap the Save Save button.
  • Load: Tap your chosen Playlist Name, or type the name into the text box, and then tap the Load Load button.
  • Edit name: Tap on the Playlist Name you wish to edit, then tap the Edit Edit button.
  • Delete: Tap on the Playlist Name you wish to delete, then tap the Delete Delete button.
  • Save TIDAL/Qobuz tracks to TIDAL/Qobuz playlist: Type your new Playlist Name in the text box and then tap the TIDAL TIDAL or Qobuz Qobuz button. The songs from the corresponding service will be saved to the 'My Playlists' section of the TIDAL/Qobuz systems.

In all above cases you are given an ok/cancel confirmation box.

Search: At the top of the pop-up is a search bar. Start typing in your search term and the LUMIN App will filter the results.

Clear Playlist


Tapping the Waste Bin Delete button will clear everything in the Playlist panel, including the Now Playing song.

Maximum Songs

Maximum songs

In order to keep performance consistent across all OpenHome and UPnP AV devices, the maximum number of songs allowed in any single Playlist is 2000.
To manage more than 2000 songs, please split them into multiple playlists using the Save and Load Playlists features above